Any real estate operation is a serious and responsible process. Insignificant at first glance, a small thing can lead to unpleasant consequences: from exhausting paperwork up to the loss of property. Therefore, if you certainly do not have the adequate legal training, it is better to resort to the help of qualified professionals.

Our legal support will provide you with confidence in the deals lawfulness without the risk of third party interference. You also do not have to spend time gathering documents, visiting government agencies and studying relevant legal literature.

Real Estate deal accompaniment involves two main stages: the preparation, during which the title documents and papers are checked, identifying the legality and correctness of the owner’s documents, analysis of the related information, request and provision of missing information, organization and conduct of negotiations between the parties for conditions favourable to the client.

The second stage is the immediate registration of the agreement, during which all the procedures required by the Law to secure the rights of the new owners are completed.


Discarding all doubts, you can trust the lawyers of «Justeco». They will check the legal status of the housing or land, its history as well as legal capacity on both sides of the deal and thus help to minimize all the risks.

The auction

The auction is an opportunity to buy real estate cheaper than on the market. From a legal perspective, an auction is a legal procedure pursuing a foreclosure of an insolvent borrower or another person, deprived of his rights to the property in favour of one of the participants of the procedure. The following procedure occurs based on a set of certain rules and regulations:

  • The address of the object, its initial price, time, place and other terms of the upcoming auction are put up in an advertisement and published by the Press.
  • Before the beginning of the auction, the participants transfer a fee for participation into the account of the bailiff, which usually makes 10% of the initial price of the object put up.
  • The participants of the auction who have paid the initial fee are further registered at the bailiff who is organizing auction, at the specified time and at the specified location.
  • The bailiff holds the auction among the participants, choosing step bidding at his discretion.
  • The winner of the auction is considered to be the participant that offered the highest price for the last offer.
  • According to the results of the auction, a report is drawn up, which records the entire course of the auction, the winner and the final price, which considers the object to be acquired.
  • The winner of the auction must pay the remaining amount that constitutes the difference between the purchase prices of the object at the auction and the initial payment, as well as additional smaller costs for documents, as a rule - within a month.

At this point of the auction, the winner gets the right to purchase the object.

The next stage begins from that moment - the approval of the rights to acquire the object and entry into possession.

Our highly qualified experts will help you to evaluate not only the object itself, but also the risks that relate to its acquisition, correctly set the bar for the maximum price up to which it is advisable to bargain at the auction. Our employees will help you with the professional part of the work- from choosing an interesting and promising, or simply a suitable object for you, to the stage of buying and entering into possession.