In accordance with the Immigration Act of Latvia, opportunities to obtain a temporary Residence Permit in Latvia for foreigners who wish to reside in Latvia and to move freely within the Schengen area are expanding.

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More information about the possibilities of obtaining a temporary Residence Permit in Latvia can be found in this section.

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Divorce process

Upon entry into the force of the changes in the Notary Act, a divorce act can be registered at a notary by the spouses who have no mutual claims. They will be free from the bonds of marriage within 30 days after the divorce process. During this time either of the spouses may withdraw his application. In this case, the divorce process will be terminated. Registration of a divorce at a notary will cost 100, - EUR. This sum includes all taxes and charges. If a voluntary agreement was not achieved, and the issues of guardianship or the division of property remain controversial, the divorce can made be in court. The State fee for filing a lawsuit is 142.29 EUR and 4.70 EUR for legal costs. In the case of the division of property, the supplementary fee is calculated individually.

Dealing with credit liabilities

Credit liabilities arise to obtain funds on terms of repayment, as well as in the case of a delay in the payment of money to the borrower, property transfer, works and services. Except for banks, businesses and other legal entities, regardless of the type of activity and property, may provide credit services.

The borrowers, who are being unable to repay the loan, agree to pay the minimum payment, for example, interest-only, with the result that prevents getting rid of the debt. On average, paying only the interest portion leads to twice the overpayment of the amount received.

Refinancing may postpone the payment, but this process is not free of charge. Before requesting a refinance, first you need to calculate what real benefits you get, net of various commissions for renewal of the documents, as well as keep in mind that refinancing is the right of the bank, not its obligation.

It should be noted that in addition to the various difficulties that arise regarding credit obligations, the lender and the borrower should be guided not only by the provisions specified in the contract, but also the provisions of the Law on credit obligations.

We are ready to assist in resolving issues on credit obligations, conducting an objective analysis of the situation and develop a plan to deal with a difficult situation.

Inheritance Law

The Sworn Notaries are engaged in the execution of hereditary cases. Within one year since the death of the testator, the heir, who wishes to receive the heritage, shall submit an Inheritance Declaration.

Inheritance Declarations may vary depending on the situation: the acceptance of inheritance, the approval of the Inheritance Rights, the entry into the force of the Act of the Last Will and many others. Heirs by intestacy may submit an application for approval of the Inheritance Rights.

In the event of any dispute related to the inheritance (the division of inherited property, the size and composition of the inheritance, and others), the cases are solved in court in a general manner.

Our highly qualified lawyers in the field of Inheritance Law will help in resolving disputes with the inheritance.


Adoption is a process in which the adoptive parents become the true parents with all the rights and duties.

People wishing to become true parents should prepare the documents and submit them to the Orphans' Court. According to regulations, the process may take up to six months.

If a child is adopted, the parents can receive a one-time grant in the amount of 1423, - EUR and monthly family allowance in the amount of 11.38 EUR.

It is worth noting that the process of adoption also considers taking up the child of either of the spouses.